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Book 1 – 27 Broken Footprints, published 2015, Red Ink

genre – contemporary fiction, chaotic fiction
style – modernist, post-modernist, experimental

27 Broken Footprints is a narrative weaved around recent popular events dissecting and exploring pressing contemporary issues while raising a few questions – some old, some new – is vigilante form of justice an answer to today’s rapes in India? Where have all our heroes gone? Can a girl from IIT ever be a real woman? Can one really get over the hurt of their first failed love? The darkness of misery – can it lead one to kill? How much does one really pay for fame – acquired and lost? And is forgetting the only way to stay truly happy?


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    Book 2 – Who killed Linda?, 2015, Om Publishers

    genre – thriller (1)
    Cover Page of the book

    Who killed Linda? is a flash thriller, a few chapters woven into each other to find out who killed Linda.

    The book is available on only Kindle – here on Amazon.

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    Book 3 – The Indian Break-Up, coming up soon

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    The Indian Break-UpThe Indian Break-Up (3)