Andhadhun ending explained – what really happened

Watch this movie, if you haven’t already. Just go watch it. Really.

Spoilers ahead –


For all of us others who have watched the movie, what do you think happens in the end –is Akash still blind? Did Simi really die? Did they sell her? Did he take her eyes?

Over and over again in Andhadhun, we see characters who are watching their own backs, who are looking after their own selves, whether it be Sophie, or Akash, or Simi, or the doctor, or Maushi, or Surya, or Dr. Swami. All of them. In this movie’s story all of the characters are worried about the story of their own lives. Not far away from reality this movie is in that way.

To explain the ending, we need to answer these three questions –

  1. Is Akash still blind?
  2. When and how does he become un-blind?
  3. How much of the flashback that Akash tells Sophie in the end is true?

The answer to the first question seems like an obvious no. And it is. Of course he is still not blind. A clear indication of this is in the ending closing scene, an apparent cliffhanger, when he hits the can with his hare-head walking stick. Blind people will not randomly hit something with their walking sticks. What if there are people around? How does he know the can is a can ? Etc.

As for the second question – when does Akash regain his sight? There are a lot of assertions that the story he told Sophie is made up, that Dr. Swami and he did trade off Simi and he took her eyes, or simply got himself operated with the 1 crore that the doctor promised him. I have two problems with such kind of assertions, one, they sound boring, banal, and predictable ( contrary to the rest of the movie ) and two, if it were so, why was it not shown on screen, what was the point of showing us what they did show us – Dr. Swami’s murder, Simi’s accident and the hare? Why?

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It seems likely that Akash regains his eyesight sometime when he was tied to a chair in the hospital with Simi. One, he successfully manages to break the glass window with the fire extinguisher, two he does not step through it, three when Simi is trying to kill the doctor Akash runs to his rescue and four, and this is my favorite bit – notice Akash’s demeanor when Tabu kills the doctor and starts driving the car. Notice the moment of silence before he starts saying, pleading – i don’t want her eyes, this is wrong, just drop me, let her go, just drop me here. Now if you are really blind, wouldn’t you want the eyes? Do you remember how angry he was when he lost his sight?

Coming to the third question – how much of the flashback that Akash tells Sophie in the end is true? I think the flashback is completely true. But that is not what he tells Sophie. Notice Sophie’s words when he finishes the story, she says – but you should have taken her eyes. What kind of a response is that to the story we just saw. The woman is dead and burned, what is the point in taking her eyes now? Also the hare-head walking stick. Coincidence? Remember how does the story open?

That’s it folks

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8 thoughts on “Andhadhun ending explained – what really happened”

  1. When and how does he become un-blind?
    This kept me thinking for a good 4 hrs post end credits. I concur with you that the theory of the Dr & Akash trading Simi to a Sheikh or taking her eyes is too predictable. I think he was just partially blind throughout. I mean – even after Simi’s attempt to make him blind he just turns partially blind. However, he acts completely blind so that she doesn’t kill him.
    So why do I say he was partially blind?
    1. Remember the scene when he immerses himself to water, only one eye looks damaged
    2. If you recall the scene where Dr. drugs him in the abandoned hospital to take his kidneys, before passing out he says Maushi has a Shiva tattoo
    3. The reasons you listed out – breaking the glass with the fire extinguisher

    How much of the flashback that Akash tells Sophie in the end is true?
    I think all of it. Simi kills the doc, Akash again witnesses a murder (3rd time!!) and has to act as if he is completely blind also when Simi gets to the driver seat that’s when he gets nervous and says he doesn’t want her eyes, trading her off is wrong and pleads to drop him.
    After getting dropped in the street before the accident he sees the hare which was the reason for his survival and Simi ‘s death.

    So now how did he manage to travel abroad?
    Maybe the friend he mentioned to Sophie was Dani – Simi’s stepdaughter who helped him fly after knowing everything that happened to her father
    I think in the end he hits the trash can in disappointment that he can’t tell Sophie that he is not completely blind because he would again lose her trust. I believe the maker wanted to draw parallels between the character Akash & the blind hare (partial blind, which can be seen in the trailer!)
    Obviously, the movie is a masterpiece! it is very rare Bollywood movies keep you guessing at the end. Andhadhun does amazingly well at this letting it open-ended. Just as a dialogue in the movie (Sophie – “Kuch cheezien adhuri hone ke wajah se hi to puri hoti hai!” – Some thing are complete, only because they are unfinished)


    1. A lot of guys have said that he doesn’t want to tell Sophie the truth because of the trust breaking thing, and that he doesn’t want to be an asshole. That’s cute. But bigger things are at stake. His international music career! Trust of a past lover hardly matters!!

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  2. You haven’t considered the following scenario
    1. Akash was never blind.
    2. He actually had an affair with Tabu.
    3. Whatever story he tells Radhika is actually lie except the parts where Radika was actually there. This because Radhika finds them in bed together.


  3. i think he was partially blind in the movie. But in the end i think he cured himself with the one crore money doctor talked about in the car. Bt dr died due to simi’s attack. And also remember lottery lady told him once that he won the lottery and he will win one crore one day. So luckily in the end he survived when Simi accidentally got shot by rabbit’ hunter. And then he flies to england and got cured his eyes through those one million. But lie to sophie to gain her trust.


  4. Andhadhun was awesome. Finally a film that makes you think and look for clues after watching the film… This one link about Andhadhun Ending Explained talks about specific frames in the film that shows that Akash lied to Sophie about Simi and the hare. There are two times we see the car drive by. One in reality and one in Akash’s story. His story has the car stopping and the doctor dying. But the car never halts in reality. You can go back and see those two scenes. Can’t post the link here though


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