This age of convenience

If I were to talk about one characteristic which best explains the nature of our age and times, the glorious 2010s, then it has to be without a doubt, convenience. Everyone, each one of us has become too self-aware, we all want stories, we all want things to happen to us, we have become too busy becoming the centers of our universes, we think we are special, each fucking one of us, do you see the paradox it creates, uniqueness has become the norm, my life my job my love my passion my story….what a load of crap. Technology has been a propellant for collectively hurling humanity into the stereotypical delusion of purpose. Advancements create cultures. And ours, my dear people, is that of convenience.

We have become fixated on what we get out of it. Of how we can make the most of it. A clear reflection of the way we do business, ain’t it, maximizing the shareholders wealth, we want to maximize, we want the best deal, oh and we want it quick, we want it now. Instant gratification.

You would reason that because we, each one of us has a purpose, people would be willing to push harder, and further, and thus this entire hullabaloo about convenience is unfounded, but wait, it really isn’t it? Multiplicity of purposes has each one of us looking out for what best fits our narrative, for that which completes it. That which doesn’t, is disregarded, discarded, disrespected.

This isn’t necessarily good or bad, there is no good or bad, it is just how it is.

But over the course of my living, I have realized that one needs to strike balance between all aspects of life. Convenience doesn’t work for me. Sustainability does.

Author: pecsbowen


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