What they say and what they don’t


They say a lot of things you know. They want to make us believe that we are living, that we are existing in the worst of times. That we are all disconnected, masked from reality by the veil of technology. What we read, what we see, what we hear, what we feel is not first hand, it is derivative. They say it is a bad time to be alive in. They say mankind was better before. They say this is how the world is going to end, each one of us so deluded by our own narcissism that we will choose nihilism over meaning.

Like I said, they say a lot of things.

I don’t like what they say, and I refuse to believe that life is a hopeless pursuit of consequence. No. It is not so. The simplicity of the entire affair cannot be missed, be looked over. Everywhere around us, every single time, in every thought, in every action, in every interaction there bubbles that indomitable spirit of significance. You feel it as you go through your daily day shaping your own essence, deriving your purpose, finding your way.

At night, after 24 hours well spent or not, you collapse in your bed aware of the worth of your creation. Or maybe not. Maybe you are too happy just being. That is a good way to go to bed too. Or maybe you are too sad. It didn’t turn out all that well. That’s all right, you know. That’s just probability. It happens some days. It’s fine really.

They don’t tell you all this. They don’t speak about the moments that fill your spirit with beauty, a force so strong that you know anything is possible. They don’t speak about that unadulterated smile, they don’t speak about that true touch, they don’t speak about that candid opinion, they don’t speak about that sincere approach.

They suck.

Don’t listen to them.


Author: pecsbowen


1 thought on “What they say and what they don’t”

  1. Amen. No one can sell us solutions, products, religion and newspapers if they don’t make us feel we are broken and lacking first.

    I love that you follow up deep truths well-said with another truth plainly stated… “They suck. Don’t listen to them.”

    😍 Love it!!!!


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