9/11, Trump and Death.

Today, the 9th of November, is going to go down in history for several reasons. Modi’s demonetization of 500 and 1000 INR currency notes, Donald Trump’s becoming the US President, and closer home, literally, closer to home the death of a dear family friend.

He was one of my father’s closest friends. My father has lost too many close friends.

This friend, was a good, god-fearing man. Even in his last hours on earth, he was out there in the world helping someone. More specifically he was at a police station helping out a woman, when the attack of the heart came.

As daily routines command, more out of love than necessity, I called up my mother at around 8 pm. We are a very happy enthusiastic family, always eager to talk to each other. She seemed a little off today. I asked her if she was watching the telly. She said – no, we have just had dinner, your father is speaking to the DG, we might have to leave for the city in a while. I did not ask her what happened. I presumed it was some official matter. And I kept the phone down, envying the nature of my father’s job, always on the move, always something happening, how exciting.

Then my mother called me, an hour ago. She told me what happened. She told me that the dear friend is no more. She told me not to tell my brother. Not yet, she said, you are the older child, you can take it, he can’t.

I did not speak to my father just then. I let it sink it. It still has not.

A little after 10 minutes, I called my father. He said – yes, what is going on? I asked him if he was alright. He said – this is quite sad, very unfortunate, the dear friend was a god fearing man, an embodiment of all good values and virtues, the recent bypass surgery, that usually gives people a good 15 to 20 years, but this, this is the way of fate, sometimes god does things you cannot explain.

I said – yes, this is quite unfortunate, very sad.

Then he asked me about my exam tomorrow. I told him I was studying. Then he gave the phone to my mother. My mother said – the dear friend was over at our home this Sunday, he was asking for my astrological charts, he said it was time I start thinking about marriage. I told my mother – mummy sleep, it is going to be a hard day tomorrow.

Just that I did not say that. I laughed a little with tears in my eyes and silence in my soul. It is going to be a hard day tomorrow. His children are so young.

The world is silent. I have two exams tomorrow.
It is going to be a hard day.
What else can I say.


Author: pecsbowen


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