Forget the butterfly


Today’s post is going to be an introduction to a character who has been dropping in and out of other people’s stories for a while now. We saw Adam first appear in Ann’s and Tom’s Empty story, then he made a little commentary while Lucy was driving into the city. Adam also passed a stray thought in Storm and in Unforgetting her words he chuckled slightly in the end. 

Many readers have been curious about who Adam is.
Below is his story.
I hope you enjoy reading it. 

Forget the butterfly

When Adam was 31, Adam realized that the only way to exist in this overwhelmingly distractive world of his, was to forget everything that he knew. He also realized that the only way to ever recall every detail of his life at any given moment was seemingly simple.

That evening when Adam forgot, and when he remembered, that evening when he existed in a flux between the past and the future, that evening when Adam just was, that evening when he came home he ran to his room, shut the door, took his dairy out of the cupboard and he began writing –

Somewhere along the line, we all remembered a little too much and forgot a much too little. We got entrapped in our own histories and our own pasts and remembered every insignificant detail about our own selves, going around clinging to our lives as if they were the only story playing out right now in the whole goddamn universe.

Every moment of our present is obviously deeply rooted and set in our past, but we do we have to remember all of it? Can we not forget it, not recall it, not say it, not discuss it?

Yes, it will be like it never happened, but it is in the past, it is not happening now anyway, and if you do not tell then it will not go away because, because, don’t you see?? Don’t you?? It cannot go away as it has already gone away.  

All that you have is your now, the past is not yours it is gone, the future has not come, it never will, you will always live in your present, only that is real. Everything else, nothing else for that fact, matters.

Adam closed his dairy, and looked into his present. After a moment, he closed his eyes. And he forgot everything that he knew. He forgot about the games he played as a child, he forgot his school, he forgot his friends, he forgot the books he had read, he forgot his favourite songs, he forgot the movies he had watched, he forgot his first kiss, he forgot the sound of the rain, he forgot his first crash, he forgot about the 12 accidents, he forgot about the men in his life, he forgot about his heroes, he forgot about the women too, he forgot about the night of 9th of July, he forgot all the money and then when he came to it, he paused, and then he forgot them too, he forgot his family.

That evening, Adam first became a nihlist.


Author: pecsbowen


1 thought on “Forget the butterfly”

  1. Reading some of your writings makes me very nostalgic, I still cannot figure out why. I can feel a certain connection with your stories. Keep on writing.


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