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“You see, this is what is beyond my understanding! How could the adults of our country allow such mindless-propaganda-filled-piece-of-crap-in-the-name-of-commercial -cinema to even exist? How could such movies be even making money?? How can people watch them? How come parents do not walk out in the middle of the movie exclaiming – well that is just goddamn hogwash? How come thinking people sit through 2 hours of such prettily dressed twaddle?”, he spoke, angry, dazed and confused.

“But that is how it has always been”, the man with indifferent eyes said.

“How long can this last?”, he asked. “It cannot last long. It simply cannot.”

The man laughed. “Stupidity has no expiry date,” he argued. “Throw in economies of scale and you can make profits even in the long-run.”

In response to today’s daily prompt . Image Link – here.


Author: pecsbowen


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