Bad politics

Politics is more difficult than physics and the world is more likely to die from bad politics than from bad physics.
– Albert Einstein


Author: pecsbowen


3 thoughts on “Bad politics”

  1. What you are reading is not the kind of message that you would get often, and I really had to do some work to make sure that you actually read this message. So here it goes

    I read your answer about – relationship with parents and I was like ‘I really HAVE to talk to this girl’.
    Don’t sense a black cat, there’s no clear intention behind this message, just that my perception of your personality from that answer was kinda too cool to just let it pass with a smile. And it would be too awesome just to know someone like you.

    And I would rather take my shot than smile thinking about what would have happened if I did.

    You have my email 🙂

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