You must remember Tim,
Tim was the little boy, whom life
handed a blank slate, and when Tim
asked – what should I do with it
Life replied – why Tim anything you like

Tim is also the little boy
The little boy who doesn’t conform
Tim, our Tim, is the Tim, who doesn’t give a fuck

Tim has independent thought
A much scarce resource in our times –
autonomy – he owns his life’s plot
Even if it doesn’t work out some times.

In response to today’s Daily Post Prompt

Author: pecsbowen


6 thoughts on “Autonomy”

  1. Autonomy is so under-rated. Here’s a man who defines autonomy for me –

    Autonomy is …

    Being autonomous about how you perceive yourself. and how your perceive other people …. to be totally free of assumed benchmarks based on whatever
    Being autonomous about how you present yourself, about wearing your heart on your sleeve, about not wasting precious energy by putting on a facade

    Funnily enough, one can be autonomous while working a regular 9-5 job, as long as that is the right thing for one to do, to make enough money to live perhaps or whatever is one’s life. And one can be not autonomous while working a ‘dream’ creative job, if the creations in question are determined by what is in fashion.

    It is so easy to think that we are autonomous when we are not, it is so easy to fool yourself into thinking that you are living the dream, that you are a rockstar. Until of course something strikes and the facade of autonomy falls away. Much like Gail Wynand thought that he was autonomous. We talk of facades all the time, we talk of what we put on to impress other people. But we so often miss the most insidious facade of all, the facade of autonomy; the facade that we put on to tell ourselves that we have made it.


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