“Can I drive today please?” asked Lula making a puppy face and fluttering her eye-lashes. Her father smiled. “Yes of course you may Lula. In fact take the car and go check out the new place all by yourself”. Lula shrieked and jumped and hugged her father. Today was going to mark the onset of her adult life, metaphorically at least if not legally.

Lula drove the car out of the garage onto the road and joined hundreds of other cars which were headed to the city. It was 9.30 in the morning. She would reach the city by 11.00. 11.30 was the launch of her second most favourite thing in the world. Her first most favourite thing in the world was on the road with her.

Cindy Crawford. My god. She was so beautiful and elegant. Her hair, her body, her eyes, her walk, her smile. The way she posed, the arch of her back, how pretty things looked on her – watches and jewellery and clothes and purses. My oh my.

cindy crawford
Even though it took her an extra 45 minutes to reach the city Lula loved to drive along the Highway 8 because as you left the town and as you neared the city the bill boards had huge-size posters of Cindy Crawford. And Cindy Crawford, as we know, was Lula’s first most favourite thing in the world. So it didn’t matter if she reached her second most favourite thing 45 minutes late. Lula was in awe of Cindy and once you are in awe of something, you are often blinded.

Highway to Hell played on the stereo and Lula was sipping a soda. On the seat lay a newspaper. Lula had circled certain sections of an article in it. The article was written by the child of someone her father knew.

Ten minutes away from the city, she pulled her car onto one side of the road, nearby a huge wrist-watch advertisement poster of Cindy. Lula stepped out of her car, stood against its trunk and gazed longingly at the larger than life Miss Crawford.

One of these days I am going to be like you, Lula sipped her soda thoughtfully, one of these days. She looked at her watch, it’s time to go right now, but one of these days. She smiled at the board, took a long sip, crushed the can, threw it on the road and got into her car. She looked at the newspaper lying on the seat and without a second thought threw it out too. Then she drove away to the launch of her second most favourite thing in the world.

By 11.15 she reached KFC. Mac-Cheetos launch today a board outside it read. She could not wait to try out Cheetos filled with cheese.

Yes, that is correct. Lula’s second most favourite thing in the world was fast food. She was a 210 pound 170 cms 16-year old. Lula was also connected to Adam, though the connection was very weak. Both of their fathers had attended the same college ten years ago. It was his article she had been reading in the morning. It went something like this –

Failure is often characterised by awe……one holds in awe that which one is not yet, that which one cannot achieve…… only those things seem great to us, which we are yet to fully comprehend or which are relatively new…..that which we understand we might begin to trivialise or admire, its largely subjective…. “in awe of nature?” “of course you will always be in awe of nature, man is a subset of nature, nature created man and not the other way” …. “Christ! Believe in evolution? It is a fact! Not a belief!” ….

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Author: pecsbowen


3 thoughts on “Awe”

  1. Thank you for writing this. I never thought about it this way. Though this view has been expressed in Atlas Shrugged in a sense, when they talk about the men of second degree (like Paul Larkin and Floyd Ferris) being awed by nature and by great accomplishment (like Rearden metal, project X and the John Galt line), and yet being unproductive because of not working hard to understand and to achieve own goals. Interestingly, Eddie, despite not being in the same line of production, simply went about his job and became a man of critical importance despite not spending time being awed by all that he did not understand.

    Anyway, I see this as – awe is not the virtue that it is often thought to be. It is often simply an unhealthy escape from emptiness. from action towards big thoughts that can really be made possible (and yet which pale in comparison to what one is awed by). This dimension of awe must also always be kept in mind 🙂

    Sometimes we are awed by space movies or great romances or holy grails. And we ignore beauty and success that is right in front of our eyes, we ignore goals that are within our reach if we only pushed ourselves and worked hard. That is so sad. And we must fight this.

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    1. Some more thoughts. So some things that awe, do have value. And we must experience them, as they often provide context to our limited achievements. And yet, we must not be awed by these holy grails, but understand how they relate to what we can do, and stay grounded in clear thought and action. This is not meant to be a statement applicable to all things that awe, but to some of them, the ones that we act in context of 🙂


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