Udta Punjab Movie Review

Bloody hell.

Movie Poster – Original Image Link

So, you know how they say, that movies in Bollywood are simply fantastic, I mean, real life is not like how they show it on the big screen – people don’t look like that in real life, no one talks like that in real life, love is certainly not like that and hello, real life has no background score or perfect make-up. No. Real life is full of sweat, grit, boredom and other banal things. Except when you are on drugs. Yes. When you are on drugs, things are different. Things could be good different in a controlled environment. But what happens when anyone and everyone gets high on drugs? What happens when this drug-business is coupled with politics, ignorance and greed?

Well, things get out of hand then. Things get real. And bad.

This reality, as it is, is shown in the movie Udta Punjab. When Sudip Sharma and Abhishek Chaubey decided to write the script for this, I am sure, they spent an incalculable amount of time trying to build up the scenes, the characters, the setting, the conflicts and of course the climax. My god, what an amazing climax, how everything falls into place! Right before the end when on screen is the Sultanpura safe-house is shown, you reckon that it will be an all out mass murder Tarantino style end. That scene right there is the epitome of fine screenplay matched with visionary direction.

This movie is so real, to say that it will give you goosebumps, is a laughable understatement. If Requiem for a Dream made you think twice about shooting it up, this movie will scare you enough to never try the needle. Go ahead and watch it, Bollywood has delivered its realest movie till date. This is, reality, as it is.


Author: pecsbowen


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