The shadow Mother



October, 2014

It was 3am. Aaron was in his bed, sleeping and sleep-texting.

Nancy – my period is late.
Aaron – it’s probably just a delay. Perfect cycles are a myth.

And he went back to sleep. He got up at 5am. It was time to hit the gym. And then lectures. Aaron was in his final year. Sitting on the pot, he checked his notifications.

Oh boy, this isn’t good”, he sighed. Nancy had shared a whatsapp image of her positive pregnancy test.

February 1992

Many people would avoid taking this risk. Especially at the start. You could get stereotyped. Your acting career would be over even before it begins,” Dori told Simon, “I love you nevertheless.

In a time when every other new tinsel-town actor wanted that dream lead romantic hero, Simon agreed to play a negative role. The movie was about a rich businessman who during his youth had killed a man who was the father of the young villain. The villain, once he is a grown man, moves to town and manipulates the daughters of the businessman fall in love with him, marries one of them and kills the other. Then in the climax, while brutally torturing his wife in front of her father, he reveals who his true identity. Like Dori said, many new actors who not accept this as their first role.

SIMON’s risk paid off. He went on to become the most famous movie-star of his generation and a couple of more generations to come. Every woman wanted to be his lover and every man wanted to be like Simon. A big part of his success was his boy-next-door face, his rags to riches story, his decent acting skills and his carefully cultivated public persona. Yes, he was very careful of what his fans saw of him. Because he knew, a man like him, with no connections in the industry, was what he was because of his fans.

July 1982

He has a very slim chance of surviving. If you believe in god, now is a good time to pray”, said the doctors. Maya wiped her tears, took the hand of her daughter Patty and headed to the Church to pray for her husband, Alex Machan who had been injured on the sets of Foolie.

Foolie was a movie about a labourer who is rebellious and takes on the established corrupt bourgeois. While shooting for a scene in which he was running on a train platform, a board on Alex Machan. He was rushed to the hospital where after three operations he slipped into a coma. The shooting of the movie was halted. 9 million fans prayed for the recovery of Alex. Everyone loved Alex.

During the next few decades

SIMON married Dori and had two surprisingly beautiful children. Alex Machan, who had once been his idol, was now his rival but the two broke bread often. Alex and Maya had a son post the July ’82 incident. Their daughter Patty got married to a rich industrialist and bore him three daughters. Their son got married to a woman who was way out of his league. But it didn’t matter as he wasn’t really into women. What was his name? That doesn’t matter either.

October, 2014

Papa, there has been a slight complication. Nancy is with child”.
I see,” said Alex, “Who is the father?
You are not going to like this one bit. I think she should abort the child”, replied Patty.
No!”, screamed Alex. “ The child will be born. And the father will take responsibility. Who is the father?”
“Simon’s goddam son Aaron?”,
roared Alex.
“Yes, Simon’s goddam son Aaron, father”.

When Alex Machan dropped in on the movie set of Simon’s movie Ron, everyone was surprised. Simon smiled and shook his hand. Alex politely responded. Scowling was not a part of Alex’s game. He said they needed to talk somewhere away from all the eyes. Simon walked him to his vanity van. There Alex told him of the pregnancy. Simon was shocked. He called his son and asked him if this was true. Aaron said yes it was, he also told his father how he planned to marry Nancy and raise the child. Simon told him that they shall talk later in the night.

He wants to marry her”, Alex said. Simon nodded.
Alex took off his glasses and looked straight at Simon. “Make sure that never happens”, he said and walked out.

A few months later

In the summer of 2015 SIMON shook the world when he announced the birth of his third child. Since Dori was old, they as a couple had decided to go the surrogate way. They named him JeMos.

When will we tell him that I am his real father papa?”, asked Aaron while playing with JeMos.
“ Never,” replied SIMON.


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