“A call for Mr. Hopkins from Mr. Bell,” said the operator
Click. Snap. Click. Done.
“Mr. Bell, you are connected. Go ahead and take the call.”
Mr. Bell, “well this is awkward, I much rather fancy the telegram”

Ting, ting, press, click.
Press phone button.
Really old Nokia Phone.
“Hi darling, well this is awkward,
I much rather fancy the phone”.

Speed Dial. Press 1.
Call Tim. Connected.
Tim cannot be reached right now.
Please leave a message after the beep

“Can’t reach you! What is the point of
all this connectedness? ”

<Enter social media mode name>
Click Message. Connected
Type – call me Clara.
One tick, two ticks,
Ticks turn blue.
Clara is typing…
“quite much like modern-day telegram
isn’t this?”

The circle is complete, connected.
Not yet, wait.

In the wee morning hours,
Lying in bed Macy’s lazy hand
reaches for Mike,
Mike is away for a jog.
Macy thinks – I am making pancakes.
5 miles away, Mike smiles.

In response to today’s WordPress Prompt


Author: pecsbowen


One thought on “Connected.”

  1. I like how you span the history of being connected, i.e., telegrams, Mr. Bell (Alexander Graham, I’m assuming), the phone, social media, old Nokia, etc. And I like the question, “What is the point of all this connectedness?” Something to ponder.

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