Tim was given a blank slate.
” What do I do with this?”, asked Tim.
“Why Tim, anything you like, anything”, replied Life.

So, Tim, took a white chalk
and drew, and scribbled, and wrote
Till his friends called out to him
“Lets go Tim, lets go out for a walk”

Life looked at the white slate,
“Tim has done his bit, now so should I”,
And in threw life –
influences, surroundings, experiences ornate

But Tim had free-will, and every time
Life wrote on the slate
Tim said, “Oh no you don’t, that’s mine,
It’s mine to dictate.”

Life wrote, Tim erased,
Tim created, life debased
On it went – Life, Tim and the slate
Back home, they called it – Tim’s fate.

In response to today’s Daily Post Prompt



Author: pecsbowen


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