She lay her fork on the plate and cleared her throat. The hall fell silent and all the 12 children imitated her – they laid their forks on their plates.

“Good. That’s quite enough now. We have spent the entire day being civilized and proper, haven’t we children?”, she asked and looked at the 12 children one by one.

“Yes, we have, today I did my tables and copied them on to the board”, said Stuart

“Yes, we have, today I learnt to colour inside the lines”, said Martha.

“Yes, we have, today I raised my hand before asking a question”, said Lucy.

“Yes, we have, today I cut my nails and polished my shoes, my tie was neatly made, and my shirt properly tucked,” said Sam.

Thus they spoke, one by one, and told Madam Mary how they had followed all the rules and played by the book, how they had been civilized and proper during the entire day.
“Are you tired dear children?”, Madam Mary asked.

“Just a little,” replied Clara, for she spoke for them all most of the times, “It gets a little tiring being well-behaved”.

“Oh, yes I agree darling!,” concurred Madam Mary, “ What shall we do about your tired minds then? How shall we inspire them? Do you want to paint, or draw, or act, or skate, oh I know, we could bake cookies and make ice-cream, and then perhaps go out in the woods and camp, or maybe take the boat out in the lake, wouldn’t that be super?”

Clara, and Martha, and Lucy and Stuart and the others laughed.

“Oh stop it! Madam Mary! You are so funny! You know those things are adult’s ideas of fun for children. Children cannot even grasp the concepts of boredom or inspiration, everything is new for us, or do you forget how bright the sun shined when you were a child?”, Clara spoke, She adjusted her spectacles, got down from her chair, walked up to the Governess and kissed her on the cheek.

“Do not fret so much over us,” she said. “ We will grow up just fine”.

She walked up the stairs with the other 11 children behind her and they locked their dorm room to do the things children do, the things adults only psychoanalyze.

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Author: pecsbowen


10 thoughts on “Fork”

  1. The concepts of boredom and inspiration were not known but they were blessed with the maturity to tell her “ We will grow up just fine”.


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