Cobbled roads of Colaba, you remind of


People who have lived in too many places know what it is like to long for city while spending a beautiful evening in another. I am in love with Mumbai, I love the vibe of the city, its numbers are so many – cars, people, buildings, children, opportunities, names, faces.


Sit at marine drive on a summer’s evening and the sky-line is vast enough to shallow your entire thought-process. Drive on the Worli sea-link and feel your breath escape your lungs as you look at the shimmering lights on the horizon. Spend time walking on the empty streets of Colaba, late at night, and see for once how big the roads actually are, how well maintained, how resilient to bear the amount of daily footfall of men, cars and life. Then if you are feeling extravagant enough, go have a cup of coffee at Taj and get pulled back into history, to the day of 26/11. You could also just visit Victoria Terminus for the same feel.


It hits me suddenly, sometimes amidst the chaos and the sweat, sometimes when I am sitting at a roof-top café looking at the bay, other times when I am going back home in a cab and the streets are deserted, or when I am standing at the open door of a dilapidated local going at 50km/hr on a working day over the Vashi bridge, feeling the wind on my face, and the tracks trembling beneath my feet, that is when it hits me suddenly, the smell of another town, the memory of another city – sometimes it is that of the crowded markets of Hauz Khas, sometimes it is that of the sarkari buildings of Lucknow, or the lazy mornings late evenings of SDA, or the rain filled days of Ratnagiri, or the army area of Pune, sometimes even the wide clean roads of Nagpur.


I love Bombay. Out of 10 cities and towns that I have grown up in, Bombay, by far, has been the most sensible town. Sometimes when I am in the crowded locals or on the crowded streets of say Dadar or Crawford, I wonder what would happen if a zombie apocalypse hits these places, no one could survive, the numbers are just too many, the place is just too small. With a population of over 2 crores in an area of just around 603 km square I hope you can calculate the population density of Mumbai.


I have never really belonged to a place or people, I don’t think so I will ever belong, I have seen a little too much, I have not just travelled but I have stayed and then I have moved away. The cobbled streets of Colaba remind me of the narrow lanes of Mussorie, the houses of Wadala of those in older Jaipur, the cafes of Kalaghoda of my own Qahwa.

While walking on this city’s roads brown
Amidst its heat and history
And the crowds moving life briskly
While walking on this city’s roads brown
In my heart, I miss another town.


Author: pecsbowen


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