Diverse – Chapter 2

Begin this post by reading Diverse first.

woman having coffee in bed

How do you write a modern story?

The meeting/ mating grounds have had a change from the 20th century rules of strata and limited connections. Serendipity has become digitised. Infidelity has experienced an opportunity burst. These are hard time for lovers. 

It was 2 am.
Sally lay with her eyes open.
In her ex-boyfriend’s bed.

He was sleeping with his back towards her. She had come over unannounced two hours ago. She went straight to the mini-bar and helped herself to a state of intoxicated inebriation. Then she took a bath and they did what estranged couples who haven’t seen each other in years do these days. After they were exhausted, they slept.

It was 10am.
Sally slowly opened her eyes.
And reached for her phone.

It had been silent for over 12 hours now. He hadn’t called or messaged. She sat up and saw that the ex was in the loo. She shouted, “can you call my cell? I can’t seem to find it!”

“Yes, sure”, he shouted back from the inside. Then she heard him flush.

“Your phone is switched off”, he said coming out.

Oh damn.
She jumped out of bed and turned over the many small necessities of city life – pillows, trays, plates, small decorative things, pen stands, bowls, bottles, ashtray, books, magazines, soft toys – to finally find her phone behind her shoes under the bed.

No battery.
While she plugged in her phone for charging, the ex-boyfriend handed her a cup of coffee.

So what else is new?”, he asked.

“I saw this movie yesterday”.

“Which one?”

“Survival of the fittest”.

Before she could go into her head and relive last night, her phone came to life. She had 170 messages from her boyfriend and 25 missed calls. She clicked to open the messages
I am so sorry love, I thought you would like the movie.
Where are you?
Your phone is unreachable.
Where are you? You are not at your home.
I am so sorry.
I love you.

“How was the movie?”, the ex asked.

It was fine,”, she said picking up her clothes from the floor, “I gotta rush. I will see you around”.



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