10 Chapters, Chapter 3 – Coffee

Please read, Chapter 2 – Music, before reading this – 

Chapter 3 – Coffee

That is the thing about being a sport, your good amicable polite behaviour can sometimes mislead the opposite party. Any second now, thought Clara, the fiat will stop and we will have a good laugh about this and mayhaps later a coffee. But the car didn’t stop and Clara soon fell asleep.

When she opened her eyes she was in a twelve cross twelve room with a tiny double bed, a tinier kitchen, a bath-tub, a wardrobe, a table, two chairs and a sky-light.

You have gotta be kidding me, she would have spoken but there was that grey coloured tape around her mouth, her hands and her legs. Yes of course, the door has a number pad lock, she thought looking at the only exit out of her cell. I am going to make some fingerprint powder, figure out the number of digits and then it is only a matter of permutation and combination, too bad for you Mr. Kidnapper, I have seen too much TV. There was no TV in the cell though. Whole lot of good it did to Joy anyway.

When the lock went beep beep, the door opened and her taker walked in. She looked at him with a tired glance which seemed to be saying, really, are you going literally play it by book?

He slapped her, the glance didn’t go away, he yanked by her hair, the glance stayed. He tore her shirt and pushed her on the bed. She didn’t resist.

Not much fun when the victim is uncooperative, is it, her glance seemed to be saying now. He put her shirt back on her shoulders, and then walked to the table in the middle of the small cell. He sat down.  After a moment he got up, looked into her cold frigid eyes and removed the tape from around her mouth, her hands and her legs.

“I could always fuck you and give you a baby you know”, he said. He took out a box of cigarettes and lit one. “Help yourself

She did, “I am little too old and I have learnt a little too much, I wouldn’t raise a child in such a place”.

He lit another one, “coffee?”

“Yes, please”.

Thus it came to pass, in the unlikeliest of the scenarios, her wish had been fulfilled, this man had asked her out for coffee.



Author: pecsbowen


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