10 Chapters – Ch 2 – Music

Please read 10 Chapters – Chapter 1 – Curve before starting this post.

Most holy scriptures concur that at the beginning of time god created earth, then he made man in his own image. But despite of being on a beautiful un-urbanized planet, with all the trees, the birds, the animals, and the pretty workings of nature, which in all honesty independently suffice to inspire the living daylight out of man’s brain, this man created by god, was besides himself. Because, you see, he was bored, he could not find any joy in life and he longed for a companion. And then god had to solve this problem, so god created a woman for the sole purpose of satiation of his man’s desires and loneliness, instead of just pressing ctrl + c,v.

That itself is reason enough for man to produce more and more women. Because if all women die, or most women die, man will again not find any joy in his life, he will be lonely and like you know the planet is relatively less inspiring today than it was at the time of its creation. So men everywhere should force their wives to give birth to more girls for the furtherance and insurance of mankind. As it is known that men, when left to themselves, either fuck each other or kill each other. Nature isn’t enough to inspire them, they need a woman around.

If only mismatched sex ratios could be solved by alternate interpretations, she thought, horses would fly.  After walking out of the sleeping hero’s apartment, she takes the stairs, 45 floors down. On floor 44, she thought the above, on floor 42, she has found out the meaning of life, by the time she is on floor 36, she silently thanks nature for her hourglass figure, on floor 27, she is humming –

back to black,
And I tread a troubled track,
My odds are stacked,
I’ll go back to black … you got back to her,
and I got back to … blllaccckkk, blllacck, blllacckkk;

on floor 18 she is wondering about the additive properties of the number 9 and on floor one she knows she is not alone, she will very soon be taken.

Having learnt very early in life that intuition is the body’s way to prolong its existence, she decides she is going to pick a random parking level, she has to play it cool, like the movies have taught her, she will break into a random car, that way an alarm will be triggered or the cameras will capture her.

Why didn’t you just get down on the ground floor, move to the reception area or just walk to the elevators, her rational mind argues.

What if there was a car waiting right outside, or…or…or..silly mind, this is the plot twist!

Maybe you are just paranoid, and you so badly want things to happen to you, that you literally invent them, some of them even have no basis in reality, this is why movies and books are called fictions.

“Oh shut up!” , she screams, “ Shut up! Shut up!”

“Excuse me”, comes back a suave reply.

In between her monologue, she has stepped around a corner on parking level 3 and she stumbles into the most banal face ever written in the history of romance.

“ Hi, I am Clara,” she stutters.

“ No butterflies in stomach?”, he asks.

“Not yet”, she replies.

“That’s because I am the one who is going to take you”

“Oh”, she muses. “ Maybe I should scream”


And she screams, and screams and screams as his hand covers her mouth, and she is hit on the head and put inside the trunk of a teal coloured fiat.

10 Chapters is inspired and created around the Daily Post Prompts


Author: pecsbowen


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