10 Chapters, Ch 1 – Curve

That morning, our heroine lay in the bed beside a sleeping him, with her eyes open, her hands crossed under her head and her feet under the sheet, she thought – that wasn’t as good as I always imagined it would be.

Screen freeze. Change shot. Flashback – 7 years ago…No, wait, this would be the perfect time for a flashback, if this were a movie. But it is not, our heroine thinks, so there is not much point in telling the viewer about what transpired between the three of them seven years ago. On the other hand, if this were a story about the three of them, the story would have curved to the next fresh page after the much disappointing performance of its introductory hero.

It looks like I will have to tell you another story, our heroine decides. Last night I was beyond myself when I saw him in the rain, it was just like how it is in the movies, but here I lie now, and he is snoring and I certainly deserve more excitement in the following pages.

She gets out of bed, walks towards the window and looks down into the city-streets. Who knows, she thinks, I might become a star in the coming chapters.


In response to today’s Daily Post Prompt
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Author: pecsbowen


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