Around the corner

Around the corner ( originally published on Cigarettesandequations)

Year twenty nine thirty. The apocalypse is somewhere near enough for brothers to know it’s real. And yet too far to wait any longer..

People fucked a lot along the way. Too less space, too many people, the buildings, flats just kept getting taller and taller.. Towards the end they ran out of resources too. So there’s no electricity most of the time in these buildings.

Towards the upper floors, people are just getting burnt. The Sun’s blown up quite a bit, at this rate the scientists say two more centuries before humanity gets flash fried.

Turned out pretty well for Tina. She likes the tan.. still feels her ass is too big though.

Johnny lives on the other end of the 57th floor. At the east wing. In a nine cross nine single room with a window facing the sun. The mornings are slow, dude’s unemployed. And it’s hot. He takes a casual sip from the coffee cup. While sitting naked on his bed across the window..  with just his glares on.

Takes a deep drag off his cigarette, looks at the sun and thinks, ‘Fuck man. Shit looks a bit  orange today



Author: pecsbowen


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