Modern Cathexis has made everyone someone

First it was the gun.
Small, big, child, adult, black, white, brown, red, male, female,nomale. It didn’t matter any more. If you held the gun, you held the power.

Then it was the internet (read Google)
From Novosibirsk to Hawaii to Suva, everyone was connected, everyone could learn almost anything. Holding the gun didn’t matter any more, if you held information, you held power. well almost …

Now it is Social Media.
Everyone is someone.
One of the biggest achievements of technology apart from equalising the human playing field is that it has bought the camera to the common man. Pictures, among other novelties, were a luxury of the few. Now, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you from ( as long as you love me…no wait..), you can become socially mobile with just a little thought and some photoshop.

Early adapters have had the same advantage which privilege hands over to a few. There could be a correlation between privilege and access to the best technology, but it yet to monopolize public opinion. I am obviously kidding

Solidarity for a cause you believe in is no longer restricted to your immediate environment. You can garner global support for a local issue. And supporters will send whatever they can – money, clothes, coffee, food.

Before this morphs into a pros and cons tech commentary, let me confess, partly declare – it is immensely stimulating to be a part of the dynamic which is shaping its ground reality while creating its virtual holding, it is really thrilling to be playing my odds in the convoluted plot of the modern power games.

For the first time in human history anyone can capture a moment and live forever, for the first time in human history, fame is mutating into a plebeian commodity. For the first time in human history, every one has become some one.

Author: pecsbowen


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