And it has to be said …


And yes it needs to be said because it has been felt. I have to tell you how much I am in love with you. Yours is the face I look for in the crowds. I am in places and I feel like that I will just see you around the corner your dark hair your lanky walk. That I will hear your voice, that I will hear your laugh. You have no idea how badly my eyes have searched for you in crowded bars, on the roads, in the metro, in that coffee shop ,in that shopping mall. It feels like you are so near and then it fills me with sadness that you are so far. And I have to tell you because you have cared for me like no has ever. And that you have loved me in your own manner and that love has healed me, touched me, changed me. Purity purifies.

Time will go by and I will forget you. And this that I feel now will go away and I will not even remember how you look. And I will be happy and I will fall in love again.  Time will go by and it will all be fine. And that is the saddest part.

Author: pecsbowen


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