7 promises men should make to their women

man woman

And promise me this:
You’ll wait for me only,
Scared of the lonely arms.

Surface, far below these words

And maybe, just maybe I’ll come home
Ben Howard, Promise Me

Expectations of any kind ruin a good going-on thing, or so they say. But a good going-on thing is not a relationship. A relationship, more so a relationship between two humans ( you just cannot write a man and a woman these days, can you?) who want to spend their lives together as a couple, have to expect certain things-principles-values from their better halves. The adage expect nothing and you will not be hurt thus becomes expect nothing and you shall learn the meaning of meaningless sex. 


This post speaks of such expectations. Expectations and promises I would like the man(or woman? No. Man. Definitely a man) in my coming life to keep. If not keep, then to at least think about them.

These 7 promises are (obviously) subjective. (Oh and I can let you break one of them!).
If you are ( a man or a woman or a ) human you can come up with a list, or just a set of points, of your expectations. This will help bring much clarity to what you want from the other person and what you expect from the relationship. It’s a good habit to have. Love does happen at first sight, but the happily ever after comes with a long list of *conditions apply.


So here goes –

Dear man from my future, 

To come back home to you I would like to have promises of a different kind, some of them will be reasonably rational, the others might seem weird, but it has taken me a considerable amount of time to get set in my own skin so the quirky promises to be made will stay so.

Reasonably Rational promises

You shall promise to never ever stereotype me on your understanding/exposure of women/humans or your past relationships
We can almost never leave our past behind us. Happens to the best of us. Happens at the worst of the times. But please, oh please, use your head, and listen and see and if I give you reason to stereotype me, then do, else let me be, me.
In short be open and listen. Think and then speak. For example – never ever co-relate my mood-swings to my period.

You shall promise to be the best you can be
Never ever, for my sake, will you compromise or set a limit to your dreams, your wishes or your desires. You shall come home or call me or text or email and tell me of all the crazy things you want to do, of how you want to see yourself, of how you want to create yourself.

You shall promise to never lie to me, or hide things, omissions are betrayals. 
Honesty guarantees a fearless life and if you are my man would you like to live any other way?

Weird quirky promises

You shall promise not to make/forward sexist jokes
Never ever will you share our personal lives with others. And please do not ever participate in any kind of humour which causes laughs at the expense of others.

You shall promise to remain a morning person
I am a morning person. So chances are if you are not a morning person I am not going to be with you. Therefore all I can say is that remain a morning person. And if I ever start to venture into the dark alleys of nightowls promise that you will gently guide me towards the path of the rising sun.

You shall promise to be close to our parents
Both mine and yours. We are all our parents have and I love mine and I will love yours and I obviously will expect you to love mine.

You shall promise to read whatever I write
On a second thought, its okay. This promise you can break.

I really hope you do not read this list, or that you will ever have to read this list. The above all seem rather obvious to me, I hope I never have to state them explicitly.

very short tempered and easily irritable

vintage couples.jpg

A video should play here, in case it doesn’t, click here.

“I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the #SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda

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