He asked me why I don’t open up

A quiet place – Ron Hicks

Like a strong dose of oxygen he jumped into my life. He gave me his words and he took some of mine. Slowly he started to care, hurriedly too much he shared. He would look at me softly in the eye, and ask me – what is the reason, why are you so shy? I could not look back, I could not look up, I would just be quiet and I would just smile.

He asked me often, why don’t you open, why don’t you open up? I would take his hands, I would place them in mine, I would let him hold me, as I slept by his side.

I let him hold me, I let him take my words, he did not know but I had already opened up.

He told me then he did not love me,
he walked me to his door and softly kissed me.

I see my words crumble,
Into the elevator as I stumble
In my head I hysterically laugh
this is the reason why
I don’t open up.


Author: pecsbowen


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