I hope that time has erased the scars from your face

A letter to a man I once dearly loved

Spending Time – Ron Hicks

Hey you,

Procrastination was something else you rubbed onto me, I have been thinking of writing this one for a while now, some times I cannot seem to find the space, other times I cannot seem to place my words.

Last evening, while I sat playing my usual games, my mind drifted to you as I read someone else’s words. And I saw you clearly in my head, leaning against the counter at a bar, in a black t-shirt, your messy hair illuminating your face, as you charmed the woman on the stool with your stories and your smile. You have always been amazing in your natural self, hotness comes to you effortlessly, as I have already told you many times.

Little is the world that we live in yet I know that we won’t be seeing each other again neither in person nor in thoughts. While this line of thought lasts I want to tell you that I sincerely hope you are in a happy place. I hope that your mornings fill your being with hope and that you are leading fulfilling days. I hope that those things which once bothered you now lay forgotten among the new happinesses you have created for your self. I hope that time has erased the scars from your beautiful face and I hope that now when you smile, you no longer dwell on the has-beens but think of the could-bes.

I hope you are happy. I hope you like yourself more, and see yourself like how I always loved you. I hope that you have a good woman in your life and that I hope that you have given her your soul. I hope that your dreams are now a reality and that you walk on this earth with the confidence of a man who knows himself.

I hope you are a better man.
I hope that you don’t think of me.
I hope that you will never read this letter.

the girl who once was


Author: pecsbowen


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