Good days and Bad days


Some days are good, some days are bad, some are worse than the rest.

Now if on your good day, a majority of collective humankind were to have a good day too, then it would be a great time to be alive – people would be kinder, there would be more smiles on the street, more helping hands would be lend, it could be the time to fall in love, your calls would be answered, your messages instantly replied to and who knows some of your wishes might come true, because isn’t everyone having a good day, isn’t everyone happy?

This works the other way round too. If more and more people were having a bad day then it would be terrible time to be alive – people would be mean, there would be hatred in the air, calls would be ignored, messages with blue ticks and no replies, your lover would tell you they are going away, life would no meaning because you would not find any reaffirmation of positivity from around you….

So, if you are having a good day smile because a lot of other people are on the same page and if you are having a bad day know that you do not suffer alone …

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Author: pecsbowen


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