The bestseller she wrote.Commercial Fiction. Review

The bestseller she wrote, is Ravi Subramanian’s 8th book. It tells the story of a woman who aspires to write a bestseller and for doing so manipulates a bestselling author to provide her with the much preferred launch-pad in today’s commercial book and fame industry. At best, this book provides a glimpse into the psyche of the author, a little into his personal life and experiences, at worst this book stands as a pitiable attempt to leverage his credibility as a bestselling author to create another bestseller.

The plot of this book is simple. That’s a tad bit disappointing given Ravi’s previous books have interesting plots. He has been called the Grisham of banking ( or he wants to be remembered thus) but his previous works have shades of Sheldon more than Grisham.

So right, we were speaking about the plot. Not many things are happening in the book, either with the plot or with the characters. The complete book is in third person narrative with its characters struggling to own the written emotions for them.

But let us not get into all this. This is not a book you pick to dissect along cultivated lines, no this is a book you pick up for a light read on a really long road journey and then mayhaps in the middle of the journey you get off in a really scheduled place to have a cup of tea and you meet a young human who knows only broken English and you give this book to him.

This book is quite meta in the way that it tells the story of an author who went IIMB, then he meets a woman who wants to write a bestseller, now this woman wants to writer bestseller and she is doing all these nasty things, scheming, being smart and manipulative while she is writing the bestseller and as Ravi is writing her he himself is writing a bestseller. This is the only part about the book I like. He has thrown together all his collected wisdom in the publishing industry and his experience in marketing books in a domestic ( cough’s ..bestselling ) set-up.  And oh yes, there are real-life references to actors, other authors and some other real people ( I recollect now, some people from blogging communities, as a marketing strategy I would not recommend this; I understand it is the latest fad to co-author books and feed off each other’s social networks hoping to infiltrate third party and then fourth, fifth party connections and thus attain fame but no, a limit has to be said, a standard needs to be defined … anyway …. )

If you like reading Chetan Bhagat or Durjoy Dutta, then go ahead and read this book.
If you have enjoyed Ravi’s previous works, its prudent that you skip this one.
Or not.
Or whatever.
Or do.

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