Tamasha by Imtiaz Ali – Review


I didn’t know they could make movies like this, movies like these.

Tamasha starts off in a setting you think you are familiar with – boy caught in a rut goes off to a far-away beautiful place, meets a girl and then they fall in love. You also think you know the rest of the story, because c’mon haven’t we seen them all, aren’t all love stories the same – they meet, something bad happens, they drift apart and in an expected dramatic turn of events they reach their happily ever after.

Except that in Tamasha, that’s not what happens. That is not even remotely close to what happens.

What happens instead is that on screen you witness the result when fine directing meets fine acting in an deliciously creative set-up. In order to understand what happens in Tamahsa, let’s go through the main blocs of the movie –

  1. Content 
    A contemporary story dealing with sensitive and existential issues close to the heart of today’s youth. The story line is not linear, and if you think the breaks are into the past, present and the future, oh how mistaken you are!

    The breaks are everywhere – fast and intense. Dialogues are well scripted, aptly timed, a bit dreamy when need to be, and also creatively placed. Watch out for Ranbir’s poetry and also do not miss the text denoting the time period passed. Is it important? Yes very much so.

    Also pay attention to the puns, the jokes and the imitations. They fit in perfectly with the overall theme of the film.

  2. Adaptation, Visualization and Direction
    They had a good idea for the movie. How they adapted that idea to every small scene in the movie is what adds weight to the content of the script. Ranbir’s monotonous routine, his special childhood, him with Deepika in a foreign land, how he behaves when the first time they do it, the traffic signal, the lift, his resistance to face his true self, how he tells what he tells, all these scenes and many more are proof that Ali’s planning was meticulous and his direction is no doubt visionary. The shots, the angles, the cuts, the breaks, the jumps – neatly spaced and brilliantly rendered.
  3. Acting
    Ranbir Kapoor plays a lot of stars and even a little of himself from before. Powerful intense honest acting. Same for Deepika. I won’t write much here. You gotta see it to believe it.

Tamasha is an intense watch, it is simply wow, wow like I didn’t know they could make movies like this!

Author: pecsbowen


4 thoughts on “Tamasha by Imtiaz Ali – Review”

      1. Thank God. Talent wise, there is no one near to him in young generation. But last 2 years , choice of movies by him is pathetic. This guy is too good to be wasted on film such as “Besharam”


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