How was your 2015?


In 35 days, you will be making up a list in your head, that this year in 2016 I am going to do a few things differently. But before you do that, just go through the following questions and see how many things you did differently in 2015.

In the past one year –

  1. Did you take time off and travel somewhere?
  2. Did you meet new people? Did you meet different people?
  3. I hope you made new friends.
  4. Did you live in a different place for a while?
  5. Did you help the needy, the poor, the oppressed?
  6. Did you speak up for a cause, speak against a wrong?
  7. I hope your head was held high and that you spoke the truth.
  8. Did you read many books? Did you read a challenging book?
  9. Learn a new skill, a skill not required in your current profession?
  10. Did you learn a new language? Or many new words?
  11. Were you around for dinners more at home? Or when your mom gave you call?
  12. I hope you did well at work. And learned many new things.
  13. If in school or college – is your learning curve exponential?
  14. Did you go somewhere alone?
  15. Fall in love? Fall in love all over again ..with the same person?
  16. Did something that scares you?
  17. I hope you lost some weight.
  18. And also saved some money.
  19. Oh and of course, did nice things for the people who love you, you did right?

I think the most important question is – how have you changed and how much have you changed?

I hope you see, a different you than the you that you used to be. 


Author: pecsbowen


7 thoughts on “How was your 2015?”

  1. Saving the traveling for when I retire. My current job does not allow me much extended time for travel.

    Did you meet new people? Did you meet different people? Working in a museum I meet people all the time can’t say too many of them became my friends. I’m a loner. I like to fly solo. The word friend is tricky for me.

    Over the past 50+ years of my life I’ve lived many different places. My home base is New York and I might move within New York City but never away.

    New York is unfortunately filled with homeless people. Even though it is illegal to give to the homeless sometimes I do. I also try to donate to charity.

    I’m always speaking up for the developmentally disabled, Veterans causes, Women and especially issues minority women face. This usually gets me in trouble but I do it anyway. This is why I will never get promoted at my job or rise in the workplace. I have a big mouth.

    Did you read many books? Did you read a challenging book?
    I Love to read. Wish I had more time to read more books but I utilize my long commute to work by reading my Kindle on the subway train. Right now I’m reading Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda. Very different from my native faith of Christianity and the Bible but yet there are many similarities.

    I’ve learned or rather remember enough of my high school Spanish to communicate with Hispanic visitors to the museum. Since Spanish is very similar to Italian I can make myself understood to tourists from Italy.

    My parents passed away nearly 20 years ago but if I could wish them back to earth for one evening then all of us would have dinner together once more. Be grateful if your parents are living because you’ll miss them forever when they are gone. Mom and Dad are one’s greatest support and cheerleaders.

    Did you go somewhere alone? That’s every day. I spend 99% of my free time alone.

    No romances. We will see what 2016 brings.

    Lost some weight when I was hospitalized early in 2015 but Thank God I gained the weight back. Unlike most women I’m always trying to gain weight not lose. However being that both my parents were slim thin people it is very difficult for me to put and keep any weight on.

    Change is the only constant in life.

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  2. You are reading that book? There is a saying about that book ( which I think is true for every book ) – you read it only when the time is right. I have three copies of the same one lying around my house but haven’t gotten around to it.

    Very touching answers there. Thanks a lot for replying to this.

    I hope you have a spectacular year ahead.


      1. I’ve always been that way, so I don’t know how to answer the question. I exercise to build muscle so I don’t look ill. One advantage is that I did not get harassed on the streets while wearing tiny shorts since most men in my home country like women round and buxom. I could wear anything I wanted and be completely invisible. That part I enjoyed.


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