Make elephant faces at each other.. and later share a laugh together.

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I miss you, I am a bit stoned, but I miss you none the less.
I see traces of you in the fading memories of our evenings shared
It’s been so long you are almost missing in even the towns of my past
I cannot gather your face and yet I still remember..
I remember how you tilted your head a little every time you smiled
I remember the time we spent beside the pond to later chase the bus
I remember the times when life was still full of possibilities
and how we dreamed of so many that never got found..
I remember you..

I remember the things you said and yet didn’t
And yet I cant find you in the towns of my past..
I have fallen in love with many and have fallen out of love
I have been to lands far, quite far
And I will be there in some period of my life,
In an airport of some part of the world,
I will be there and you will be too, playing with your little daughter
I would be surprised to know you have aged with me too..
For in my memories you are still looking down at a page full of equations that you don’t quite get
And chew a fat strand of your hair in the process..
And while a beautiful girl would be kind enough to bring coffee for her and for me too..
I would see two versions of you..
Make elephant faces at each other.. and later share a laugh together.

– Maverick


This friend of mine, a physicist, wrote this poem. He will probably put it up on his blog ( yes, he sketches too, a cartoonist he is) too but then he is very lazy. But if you have really liked his poem, then please like it here.


Author: pecsbowen


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