An alternate interpretation of faith

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Do you know what will happen if you are in outer space without a space suit? Remember that scene from Interstellar when Matt Damon breaks Mathew Mcconaughey’s space-suit helmet? Do you know what would have happened to Mcconaughey a little later?

It is an interesting concept, this concept of equilibrium. Physically we exist on this planet, our planet, because the pressure that it’s atmosphere exists on us is just equal to the pressure our bodies exert back on it. Our bodies and the earth’s atmosphere are in equilibrium. So, if you were to be in space without a space suit, and this is good time to recollect that space is largely vacuum,  your blood vessels would burst. Isn’t that what happens when pressure applied to anything is not met with a counter pressure? Don’t all things break under pressure if they cannot sustain it?

This was largely the basis of Emile Durkheim’s famous sociological study on suicide. Do read it someday. Now I am going take a small step towards the point I want to make, it could seem like a leap, so please stay with me.

Faith, it seems, is just another fancy term for human psychological equilibrium with society. And perhaps we all spend our entire lives trying to find a way back or create a way to this state of equilibrium. Every action that we take, every decision that we make, conscious or not, is just to be at peace with ourselves and our surroundings.

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5 thoughts on “An alternate interpretation of faith”

    1. this is interesting, according to what you have say – the body is different than the force inside us. When i spoke of equilibrium, i spoke of that between a human and his surroundings, the human is his body plus the force inside it.

      I think to be in equilibrium with ourselves – mind, body and soul – one needs to breathe, properly.

      😀 :p


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