I wanted change, so I got my hair cut

preeti-bhonsle-27-broken-footprintsI am young and impressionable and not always high on confidence and no matter what I say, or what I believe, appearances do matter, so being young and impressionable and having my own money, it was only obvious that I do things to my hair, again. A few months ago, me and my naturally thick and wavy hair went to a not so good salon and let a lot of chemicals do their thing and I must admit, that I liked what the chemicals, after five long hours, did to my hair.

For five long hours I sat quiet, did not look at my phone and just stared at the mirror and saw what four women where doing to it. Something felt wrong, because two years ago, it was not like this, but then I am no expert, and maybe things had changed. Anyway, like I said, me and my hair were happy with the preeti-bhonsleend results.preeti-bhonsle

Life had become simple, chemicals do have their benefits, I could just wash, condition and go out without having to bother for my hair to dry. But chemicals demand loyalty and since I had been very loyal to them two years ago I thought perhaps I could let myself a little loose and play around a little.

Not my best thought.

The chemicals did what they do the best. They reacted.

And then I had to take a call.

And taking a call was necessary and its funny because on one side of my brain I reasoned that it doesn’t matter, nothing should make a difference especially such shallow things but then on the other side of my brain I felt that – oh well, why not. 

Then two nights ago, I had a thought, and I liked that thought and the next morning I headed to another salon, a new one this time and told the the woman there that cut them away, cut them all away. She was like – how short, I showed her some pictures. She raised and eye-brow and I am sure she said in her head – stupid girl.

There were 6 other women with me in that salon and they were getting things done to their hair, some were getting them oiled, others had put masques on, one was getting her long long hair blow-dried. And I am sitting there, in the middle of these beauty conscious women and chop chop chop, fall my hair on the white tiled floor. Many eye-brows are raised. I laugh in my head at the ironical set-up of me getting my hair cut short, very short.

I will not deny wanting to step back and asking the hair dresser to stop. I wasn’t scared, my only thought was – have I thought this through completely?

Oh well –

preeti-bhonsle preeti-bhonsle


Author: pecsbowen


5 thoughts on “I wanted change, so I got my hair cut”

  1. I used to keep my scarily short pixies and a very good stylist, so I only had to run my fingers through in the morning. I was very busy and had no time to do more than that. I went to the salon every 6 weeks for a chemical touchup, treatment and a trim. I don’t have chemicals in so having longer hair is less troublesome when flat ironed. Finally, I understood why women flick their hair or tuck it behind their ears a lot. As long as you like it, you should be fine. I like your new cut, too. I like fringes covering half the face. It’s sultry. x

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