School of Good Things – 13th child

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59 children attended the School of Good things. Morning till evening they sat in the semi-circular classroom, taking notes, being nice, and praying for good things. They would all wear the same clothes, read the same books, listen to the same songs, eat the same food, because all human life was created in equality.

The same teachers taught the same 59 children, day in and day out, except of course on Sunday when all of them played the same games; week after week, one year after another for 23 years. Next year, as commanded by tradition, most of the children would stay back and become a part of the school, and the others would go out and try and propagate good things in a world which was slowly losing its character.

Next year most would stay and others would go away.
Except for the 13th child.

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Author: pecsbowen


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