The Dying Reason


I do not want to preach, I hate preaching. People who think others can’t think, preach. I do not want to talk about the chaotic decadence our modern society has hedonistically plunged itself into. No. Everyone has a death-wish, it is always tempting to be standing on the edge of a cliff and wanting to make that jump or to be standing in the middle of ocean and wondering what’s its like inside the blue, how far deep is it?

But somewhere along the course of glorious human history, as our numbers exploded, the ordeal of daily life became about doing the easy thing than the right one. Parents could no longer discipline their children because that was not responsible parenting. And children found it easier to use adults for their whims and fancies and then discard them during adolescence and their college lives. Oh wait, what happens after college – you realize only your mom cares for you, that only she will listen to all the trivialities of your mundane life? Well, yes, that happens. And then you are using your parents again, exploiting their selfish gene to add meaning to your worthless existence.

Somewhere after multiple heart-breaks, broken windows and shattered dreams it seemed easy to keep your eyes closed and hear her moan than to look into hers and know that they weren’t the shade of black your heart ached for. Somewhere after those multiple subway rides it became easier to ignore the beggar by the gate rather than look at him endure the eternal hopelessness of man’s being. Somewhere after those countless lift drives it became easier to get attached to your spot and to look at the back of people’s heads and never into their eyes.

Somewhere after working those late nights it became easier living for the weekends and looking forward to that monthly paycheck rather than doing work of some substance. Somewhere between the constant nagging of your boss and putting up with the ridiculous standards of contemporary culture it became easier to crib, to bitch and to gossip.

It doesn’t take much to tell everyone, to preach, to say what is wrong in the philosophies of the 21st century. Neither does it take much to sit comfortably in your arm chair and to pseudo-intellectually air your opinions on what would you do to save the world. But it takes bloody much to ask the well being of your maid, to teach her kids on weekends, to help her with her legal paperwork. It takes even much to feed a hungry person, to sit with him and share a meal with dignity. It takes much, much more to listen to your parents and just spend time with them like how they spent time with you. And it takes so very very much to find your purpose in life and make it worthwhile, to get up every morning with an enthusiasm to live, to rejoice to celebrate.

Somewhere along the course of human history it became easier to just be. Somewhere along the course of human history people forgot it takes courage to live.


Author: pecsbowen


10 thoughts on “The Dying Reason”

  1. This is moving and thoughtful. Thank you for striking at the heart of what is wrong with us. The lack of desire to move forward. The mind becomes numb after receiving too much stimulation and wants nothing to do with it. After a while, we can only find refuge in survival mode.

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          1. I’m so sorry to hear that. Was out for two days myself. My body was fatigued beyond reason. Darling, please rest as much as you need to and I hope you feel better soon.


  2. Love your writing on this one. Very deep and oh so true – seems like it does take bloody much to do all the things you said although it shdnt have to be. It is relatively easier to let it just be. But life’s not about being just be…


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