Thoughts for a Wednesday Morning


1. Everything is easier said than done especially the conclusions you have formed on your own.
2. While a lonely man is a happy man, it isn’t bad sometimes to be surrounded by people who care for you.
3. Do not keep things in your head or in your heart. Speak them out, write them down. Otherwise your head just hurts and your heart just aches. And that kind of sucks.
4. Health before everything else. Everything.
5. No matter how much you save there always comes that time of the month when all your money goes away from you.
6. Hank Moody kicks ass.


Author: pecsbowen


7 thoughts on “Thoughts for a Wednesday Morning”

    1. I did read it, I have been home and on the road, fluctuating network also health was bad.

      All fine now and on my way to work. Will reply to that post soon. The reply is in my head, it will be out there soon.

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      1. I’m sorry you were unwell, Pecs. I thought something was off the last post you put up but you said you were okay so I thought it was alright to bother you. Please take your time and you’re under no pressure to respond. Thanks again for always being here for me. x

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