Not Cherishing


Should would could
Most of life is lost between these …these spaces

Anyway, in the last post – Next day, she got in touch with him – I had added a slight shade to the woman which I was really hoping something would dissect ( Sabiscuit, I mean you ) : she was famous, she had power. Now imagine someone you idolize or fantasize about (Clooney, Alba, Mathew, anyone) or for-the-lack-of-better-words-lets-say someone way out of your league, you encounter them, you are obviously fascinated by them, what if they return the fascination, what happens then?

Author: pecsbowen


2 thoughts on “Not Cherishing”

  1. Pecs honey baby whipped cream delight, I noticed every single shade in the last post. I deflected all of them in my response because you’re so naughty. I thought I would behave only slightly. Thank you for that. As for the way out of your league thing, it is all relative to the person’s self esteem. If there is a discrepancy, it can have negative repercussions. The fangirl/boy gets overly confident and pushes the idol away or the idolised one is really insecure and becomes hideous to the emotionally balanced fangirl/boy. If the woman in your story anything like Madonna, his relationship will have problems because she’ll chew him up like soft candy and swallow his life. But after a while, he will flush out of her system.

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