Next day, she got in touch with him


He was pleasantly flattered when he saw her mail the next day.
Was he expecting it? No.
Was he hoping, a little perhaps.

To say that she stood out of the crowd was an understatement. He had never met any one like her. The sexual tension stretching the air around them, yesterday when he was speaking to her, was quite apparent – to him, to her and to the third person in the room. That had never happened to him before. He had teased a lot of women in his life, but to have someone tease him back, play with his words, twist them and throw them back at him in a light and playful manner, that had never happened to him before.

So when she wrote to him, asking him to collaborate with her on some project of hers, he knew this was going to be the start of something bad and he also knew that he was going to go ahead and do it anyway. Women like her did not step into his life everyday. She was famous, she held power. And she had looked absolutely sexual in those tight pants.

So he replied.
And after a few mails, they exchanged numbers.

This is all still harmless right?

Author: pecsbowen


11 thoughts on “Next day, she got in touch with him”

  1. No. But I can’t tell you the actual scenario on here. This is the clean version. First of all, waiting until after a few emails to exchange numbers is suspicious. If I have legitimate business with a man, I will schedule an appointment at the earliest possible date at my workplace. During the daytime. If he has the impression I’m into him, it’s because he’s using his imagination to waste his own time and not work on the actual project. But I’m pretty uptight so you’ll have to ask someone who’s more laid back. See? Clean version. x


  2.     I’m seeing a High Priestess who’s going to rule the world. We’re trying to stop the deposed High Priestess from causing a new Ice Age and bringing the gods or space aliens back to Earth. But she likes to relax with me and we joke a lot. She is powerful but I don’t see any harm in it. She likes the sound of my voice, it soothes her savage breast. Sometimes she’s a tigress and sometimes a flower. We like to garden or conquer worlds. We cherish the times together and we both grow. We plant thoughts in each other and bounce a lot.
        Hmm, a project you say. Let’s see the drawings. The draw, the draft, the beer that’s fermented. Start with a sip.


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