What do you think he should do now?


He met her a few days before he was to be married. And he almost immediately fell in love with her.He could not precisely define that instant when it happened, was it when he walked into the room and saw her seated at the far end of table or was it when she politely differed with his opinions in front of all those people?

He found it difficult not to look at her, look at her as she walked across the hall in those tight pants. He found it difficult, difficult not to look into her eyes as she answered him with blunt honesty. He found it difficult not to fall for her when it was clear that she was falling for him too.

But he was soon going to marry another. He knew that, she didn’t.

Next day, she got in touch with him.

What do you think he should do now?


Author: pecsbowen


11 thoughts on “What do you think he should do now?”

  1. This reads like an episode of Mistresses (2013). The first problem with “falling in love” is that the man in your story thinks that the girl is enamoured with him. Men would not be able to approach women if they didn’t first convince themselves she was really gagging for it. He doesn’t know her and that is always an episode worthy of Dateline. In one episode, a man leaves his wife for a woman he just met and turns out that she was in the manic state of bipolar. When he found out she was on psych meds and hadn’t been taking them and was about to spiral downwards, he’d already bought a house with her and was being investigated for burning down his home with his wife in it. The man in your story should assess his motives, spend a lot of time talking to this woman and find out about her life. The realities usually break the spell. x

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  2. Well, she got in touch with him, which I presume is intended to mean she was interested in him, not that that’s always the case. Not by a long shot. Either way though, I don’t believe in love at first,second, nth sight. We have more senses than vision alone, and no I’m not suggesting we go around sniffing or licking other people.
    At the very least, the man ought to question why he’s marrying the person he is in the first place. If his feelings/lust/whatever are so labile, maybe there’s something wrong with his present relationship.

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      1. People don’t believe it, but my views on most things haven’t changed just because I have. Anyway, someone else’s blog isn’t the place to hang my laundry on. Sorry, Pecs, I
        ll be more careful.

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  3. Whether he should go ahead with the marriage is independent of this event. He is falling for what he is imagining her to be, based on the correlation he has in his mind between body language and the mind. But this correlation can so often be faulty. The same goes for the girl, for him. And just because two people are awesome, doesn’t mean they should be together. Maybe the correlation is faultless, but his thinking that they will be a good match might be wrong. We have so much to learn about how things like relationships work, and we have so many assumptions in our mind about what’s a good match and what isn’t. And we don’t have enough time in our lives to focus on the unimportant, but we do have enough time for the important.

    There is a reason for why he is marrying his fiancee. What is that reason ? That’s the real question here. And how important is that reason for his life. Is he happy with her ? Does he look forward with excitement to their relationship ? We can be excited about something in a calm, assured way; not necessarily in the bravado-filled falling heads over heels way. If he is, then game over. Because we don’t need a lot to be happy. Meeting the girl in tight pants is not going to change the meaning of that reason or it’s importance. That importance is not nothing, it’s the key to this tangle.

    @hbhatnagar – there could very easily be nothing wrong with his present relationship. Our hormones and our minds don’t always work in sync, unfortunately.

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