Do you know when I was 16

Do you know when I was 16
I would dream and see
My life how it would be, my life now I could see

Now I am 25 and I don’t see
The life ahead or how it can be
Hope has died and left me wanting
Hope has died, thus I am mourning

Author: pecsbowen


11 thoughts on “Do you know when I was 16”

  1. For you to have a goal
    For you to escape that hole

    You need to have information
    So you can start your obligations

    And now you start taking responsibility
    And step by step you build your own facility

    When you were 16 you believed those lies
    And now you are living your life

    No difference between now and then
    Just the perspective that was bend


      1. And so on :
        To live your life
        To believe those lies
        To be free you must fight
        And to escape the darkness with light
        To be you, you write
        And for that we thank the Lord everything is alright


  2. You’re at your peak. Twenty-five is when all options are open to you. Take advantage of your youth and move forward. I’m now 56 and I can truly say I enjoyed my 20s & 30s. Fun times. Live with no regrets. 16 and 25 are two different stages and phases of life. Different needs. Different perspectives. As I get older I look forward to retirement and the freedom to travel and live my dreams freely with no 9-5. Each decade of life brings new changes so enjoy the ride!! 🙂

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