Why I believe in simple story telling


On writing/keeping characters open

A large part of reading is in making it your own. A story does not come to life till the reader arrives in its life. It is the reader who breathes into the words of the writer and shapes the existence of the created work. A great book is not great till someone comes along, picks it up and says bloody hell that .. was .. amazing.

I keep my characters extremely plain. I also refrain from crowding my stories with too many people. Readers can pick up my character and write their own story around s/he. She is a girl and she goes to work everyday. But the path that she takes to work, the clothes that she wears, the city she lives in, the food she eats, all these details are not mine to fill, the readers have the freedom to bring her into their own lives and paint her a little.

I think this is the closest I can get to the mind’s of those who read me. You have my words in your head but the words are really not mine any more, once you read them, once you see them, once you play with them, you have played a little with me, you have walked a mile along my thought track, we have fabricated a reality – a little yours, a little mine – together.

Do you know why that which is simple is so beautiful?

Because it is free. I do not want to bind you with my words, I want you to feel this freedom.

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Author: pecsbowen


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