What is the fractal pattern of/in your life?

Beautiful word isn’t it?
Do you know what a fractal is?
Fractal. FRACTAL. Fractal.

A fractal is a natural phenomenon that exhibits a repeating pattern that displays at every scale.


Fractals are abundant in nature. The most common being in the design of a snow-flake and leaves.



Our lives are fractal too, in a manner of speaking/seeing. Small bits and pieces of ourselves defining/governing the larger patterns of our existence/destinies. If you are a confident optimist at your core then chances are even through the darkest times even post the assessment of worst case scenarios you will have hope, be encouraging and naturally be more inclined towards the more favourable outcomes. However if you are insecure then even when people pay you compliments you will have a tough time accepting/believing them.

I think a unique feature of 27 Broken Footprints is its fractal nature. As a whole there is so much happening in the book, so many themes, so many tones, too many characters and at the level of each section too there is a lot going on. The chaos is internal and external. So one hand you have nine sections dealing with themes diverse and on the other hand in each of the sections you have the same chaos replicated within the writing, the characters and the setting.

Image credits – Fractal wiki, fractal leaf, fractal snow

Author: pecsbowen


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