A Questionnaire for the Imagineers – Invite List

So I pressed this post from a friend’s blog. It was a questionnaire of a different kind. He had asked some questions which would make you sit down and think, questions which would perhaps even help you place your life in a better, fresher perspective. Here are the questions he had asked –

A Questionnaire for the Imagineers(12 questions)

1. If you wanted to name yourself again, what would it be?
2. If there has to be, what would be the last line of your Biography?
3. Would you like to kiss a complete stranger under the rain or an old friend beside a shore?
4. If you had to choose two famous/historical figures to sit and have coffee with together, who would they be?

200_s (1)

5. If you could pack your bags, leave all behind and be forgotten for a year, where would you go?
6. People with a certain particular talent that you don’t have and wish you could?
7. One thing that always fascinated you and you know it always will.. ?


8. If god exists and you had to give him one advice, what would it be.. ?
9. What is the sexiest place you can imagine to do it on ?
10. If you had only one hour to live before the world comes to an end, how would you like to spend it?


11. If you could go back in time and meet yourself in the past for an hour, which year would you go and how would you like to spend the time?
12. If you had to destroy yourself, how would you do it?

Now I am going to tag some fellow bloggers here, people who real names I don’t even know to go ahead and answer this questionnaire. I am really looking forward to your replies.

1. RobertOkaji
2.Β hbhatnagar
3. Pflead73
4. Sabiscuit
5. Miss Evelyn
6. The V-Pub
7. PlatosGroove
8. Tienny
9. Blissful Nomad
10. Eric
11. DancingPalmTrees
nd ofcourse Anattempttounderstand.


I hope the tags have pulled through and I really hope all of you wonderful bloggers will take sometime, think about these questions and answer them.

Author: pecsbowen


11 thoughts on “A Questionnaire for the Imagineers – Invite List”

  1. Thanks for the challenge. I was tagged but I didn’t receive a ping. I’m glad I decided to catch up here, or I would have missed it. It’ll take some time, but I’ll get on it for you, darling. x

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s not sorted. I checked. No notifications came in. I don’t think your other nominees got their either. Would you be good enough to check? I always have posts in the queue so it will not be up right away. It will take a few days. I think my answers are going to be so boring, though. x


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