The bridge, the 7th basement and me.


When I turned left on the flyover that day little did I know that I was going to drive my car over so many innocent bodies. I heard the sound of tyre hit flesh, I felt the tyres move over flesh, over those bodies. I was terrified, I was scared. I wanted to turn back but if I did I knew I would just go over those fleshy bodies writhing in agony all over again.

The bridge ahead was a few kilometers long and I could see the bodies that I would have to drive over if I wanted to reach the institute in time. Today was going to be a very exciting day, he had promised he would show me how to break into the system and he said I would have the files a minute before they knew and a minute before they came with their guns in their kelvar wear to take us away. I really wanted to be at the institute, I could not stop and help my victims and there were so many of them. I could not turn back, if I ran over them again they would die, at least now after I had unknowingly driven over them they had a good chance to survive with minor injuries.

I took one last look at all those living bodies in front of me till the end of the bridge, I locked the doors, I turned up the air conditioning, I put on Do I wanna know to full blast, changed the gears, shut my eyes tight and hit the gas.

Flesh, screech, screech, screech, thod thod thod …argh…flesh,flesh, screech,flesh,flesh, screech, flesh screech.

When I opened my eyes I was down from the bridge and on the road with the sparkling blue sea on one side. Though curious I dared not look back. I rolled down the windows I let some fresh air come in and I just drove to the institute, I could not think much I had just probably slaughtered numerous live beings.

Did it matter, does anything matter anyway?

Up ahead I saw a check post and I saw the men in blue and I knew today was the day when orange became my black and I would be behind iron bars. Life was about to change, life does change after you end lives and the men in blue would carry on that transition for me. They would see the blood around my car and they would see the guilt in my eyes. So I put on my shades and muttered a prayer to a god I didn’t believe in – let me pass, let this pass, I need to get to the institute. 


A few hours later I was sitting in the seventh basement of our institute and he was frantically typing. I had always liked the intensity with which he would type. It was dark all around us, I could just see his face in the dim light from his mac. Three small screens popped in three different corners on the laptop screen, he looked at me – are you absolutely sure?

Clutching the .45mm inside my jacket, I nodded, yes.

He pursed his lips, hit three keys and then handed me the pen-drive. They will be here in a minute, they have to see it, he took my hands in his and kissed them. His brown hair had never looked better, in fact today was the day he had looked his best. I wanted to ask him about his dog but I heard their footsteps before I saw him break his mac into half.

I got away from him and as they circled around us I shot him.

 Picture credits and links – bridge, institute.


Author: pecsbowen


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