The grotesque and ugly woman


Well fuck those are not yours, can you not see the name tag it has. Do not touch them!

I looked at the fat girl standing by the open door of the changing room, her face streaked in perspiration and her hair matted with oil or sweat probably.

I did not touch them

But you did move your hand towards them and you almost touched them, could you not see the name tag first and do they even look like your clothes?

I did not touch them. Ok? I know its hot and you are feeling quite sweaty and yucky but you do not have to shout at me woman. That attitude of yours is not good

She laughs, she mock-laughs at me. He takes my arm and whispers in my ear – let her be, kids these days, she is still in college, they are all like that. 

I get it she is in college“, I say and kiss him quick on his cheek. ” Look kid that attitude is not cool. I did not touch your clothes and even if I did how does it matter?

We walk away from her. It is going to rain, the sky is filling with grey clouds, there is soft breeze in the air, even though we are just out of the dance class, I am no longer sweating and he has his hand on my waist and we walk through people into the open brown ground and I am grinning like a silly idiot. I still haven’t found my clothes but he is here and it is quite alright.

But there is some other sound around me, it is shrill and irritated or like the people-who-use-better-words would say, it is cacophonous.

That attitude has already gotten me to more places that you will ever be”, she continues to walk behind us. “And who are you to lecture me on attitude, we all know what you were like when you were back here” 

She is quite pissed at something, I know that for sure but whether it is her grotesque stomach or her ugly face I cannot decide. I do want to ask her but he is holding my hand and I am a better person.

” Yeah okay, good for you woman” 

We take the stairs to the main hall, me and him, I have perhaps left my clothes there. It has started to drizzle and I want to stay in the brown field a bit more and feel the rain on my skin and maybe kiss him a little.

You should have seen the tag”, she says and keeps her hand on my shoulder.

Look now I am sorry I did not “see the tag””, the quoting does not seem to help and I feel her grip getting stronger. ” Go away now little child, go play. I am so so sorry” . My voice is full of crude sarcasm, I am mocking her, he can see my eyes change colors, he knows I am making fun of her and that I am not sorry at all. He knows that I think her to be stupid, fat and ugly.

He begins to say something but there is a smirk on his beautiful face and I know he is going to laugh. Please don’t laugh, I look into his eyes pleading him not to, this bitch is crazy, please do not laugh.


Author: pecsbowen


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