The lover that could be


The universe seemed to be playing funny tricks on her – giving her a glimpse of a life that could be – the comfort of his arms, the warm morning tea, the peace in sharing space with another human : laughing with him, kissing him – feeling safe in his caring words and his protective touch.

The universe seemed to be teasing her – laying bare the rest of her life in those stolen moments spent living joyfully in the present – not waiting for it to get over nor being aware of it have begun – but just being there in the present making the minutes add up to those unforgettable hours of an impossible love.

The universe seemed to be tempting her – forcing her to jump over  the tipping point into the chaos of craziness, subtly sending mixed signals to confuse her inner voice – showing her two very shiny sides of the same coin, making one side brighter than the other and the other brighter still.

The universe seemed to be telling her – it is time you question yet again, it is time you change, it is time you see, it is time you learn and it is time you grow.

Photo credit – here.

Author: pecsbowen


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