Depression was blue but she was sad

Coffee and Cigarettes Cate Blanchett

She was sad.
For simply no reason.

She got up and she was sad, she brushed her teeth and she was sad, in sadness she had her food and in silence she walked in the rain to her work.

Before, she had known depression, depression had colored her blue and she often lay in her bed wondering which was true — this feeling or the color blue. But right now, in this moment she was sad. And sadness had no color, it was a colorless emotion, love could be red or pink or maroon, peace was a calm blue, not the blue of depression but the blue of the sky, envy was green a darker shade of green, kindness was white, sympathy was orange , empathy was a lighter shade of being, being green and joy was yellow bright and loud.

But sadness, it was not black, death was black, the void was black, it was not purple, purple was friendship. Sadness had no color, perhaps that is why it was just so sad.

Photo credits – I have used this image too many times, it comes from one of my favorite movies – Coffee and Cigarettes – here is the pic link btw


Author: pecsbowen


4 thoughts on “Depression was blue but she was sad”

  1. That’s a nice way to visualize this kind of sadness. Though I don’t think I’ve ever felt sad without a reason that I could also identify. I didn’t know until now that other people could also feel sad without a reason.

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