A lost son finds his way back home


Dear father,

The years of misconceptions and misunderstandings have ended and it feels so peaceful to be a part of something which was always a part of me , but then was lost in the battling a few realities of life. I have lived in fear and I have lived in non acceptance. I have lived in the darkness and the darkness was becoming a part of me. I had denied its existence, but then I was waiting for it, wishing for it and longing for it…

And now that the veil has been lifted and I have become one with it once more, something which was stolen from me and something which was always mine I feel like the king-of-this-world. The fear is gone and now I can think clearly. Now i believe that anything is possible and that anything is achievable. Now i want to do and i want to do it for myself and I want to do it for you. Now I want to live and I am glad that morning comes, because everyday is a brand new day with them and just the fact that you are there and you exist and you love me so much and you will always be there, is so comforting and makes me so happy and sometimes it makes me want to sing.

I think I can leave everything behind now. And look at things like I never did before. I think life has meaning now. I think its all worth it now. I feel so belonged. I feel so loved. I feel so much at peace. The burden has been lifted and now it is like it was never there and this is how it was supposed to be always and this is how it will be forever.

I did hold myself back but no more. Now i want to breathe. Now i want to live.

your son,
who really loves you.

Image credits – Photo of man writing


Author: pecsbowen


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