Nailed parts and you


Its been a very long time and on those walks through the green lanes of the dusty memories you have faded into oblivion. Consciously you had been uncoupled a long time ago the subconscious uncoupling took a little longer and though the spark of your black eyes still shines through my being I have forgotten the touch of your voice.

In the alleys of rationality I had nailed parts of you to the walls and flowingly concluded that you were but a myth in my head, an obsession of mine. That you were not real but a creation of my own. I have walked through those alleys over and over again, looked at those parts and applauded myself at your creation. But as the alleys widen into the light of your laughter my heart aches for that which I have not known and cries for that which I have.

And now that I have painted you so beautifully onto this canvas I am tired. I feel the summer breeze through my hair and I am tired. Tired of you hanging on to the ends of the new memories that are being formed, tired of you running in my blood as I blush at virgin praises, tired of your voice in head and your words on my lips. I am tired. Of you. And your existence.


Author: pecsbowen


8 thoughts on “Nailed parts and you”

      1. Time will pass and the pain will lessen and maybe some will love again….. I won’t for I’ve been left unable to, unwilling to.
        It’s the saddest thing though, because I’ve seen it happen around me so often.
        The words reminded me of an urdu couplet,
        “Har haal mein bas pesh-e-nazar hai wohi surat,
        Maine kabhi roo-e-shab-e-hijran nahin dekha ”
        ” whatever I see is a facsimile of your face
        I’ve never faced a moment where you weren’t near. ” would be an approximate translation.


          1. A single ‘waah!’ could be interpreted two ways, I’ll take the positive one though, so thank you. It’s sing by Abida Parveen in case you’d like to listen to it in its entirety. 🙂

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          2. There’s a whole world beyond that great genius, but I’d rather not run the risk of boring you, I’ve seen what you do to trolls and their kin. 🙂


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