The baby dinosaur at her doorstep


We have to save her, he screamed. That thing inside her head is going to kill her, we have to get to her before it’s too late. 

The alpha in-charge rolled her eyes. She had woken up to a baby dinosaur abandoned at her doorstep. She did not have the time to fix her hair and the coffee that he brought her had phenomenally low levels of caffeine.

And now this, now they had to go in her head, jeopardize their own heads, try to kill that thing and save her. Why couldn’t people just say no to the things? Temptation had ruined her kind, it had also ruined the dinosaurs. The rescue mission would take her and the team into someone else’s head corrupted by that thing. Ergh.

Some days, you just couldn’t catch a break.

Author: pecsbowen


4 thoughts on “The baby dinosaur at her doorstep”

  1. Lovely connection. It’s the richness of the depiction of the different times – the imagination, and the doctor being all chilled out and fixing problems in such a wide variety of situations and times, though with many things in common. Now I remember, there was one episode when the New Earth was dying because the doctor had killed off some controlling overlord leaving a power vacuum.

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    1. Did u notice that there is actually no start point to any of the seasons/stories? Goes along the line which came first – hen or chicken? Cause and effect lose meaning and the narrative collapses on itself … This is the most prominent in matt smith’s doctor episodes, the ones with river and Amy and the silence …

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